Newbie JEOS question

Ken Hansen n2vip at
Sat Feb 14 17:22:57 UTC 2009


On Feb 14, 2009, at 6:53 AM, Gaute Amundsen <gaute at> wrote:


> So what would be your advice here? Is JEOS suitable for a server  
> like this?

My advice, would be:

Use an efficient hypervisor to host the VMs, whichever you choose,

Ensure each VM has ample resources,

Evaluate carefully using virtualized NICs for inter-VM networking  
versus bonding to actual NICs and switch ports (I'm not pushing one  
over the other, I'm suggesting they are not equal, and make sure you  
test both),

Use package management to install server software, and let it manage  
dependancies - JeOS is a reduced version of Server Ubuntu, and the  
package manager will ensure all required software is installed for  
your server.


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