include full mail server/managment and groupware

Sylvain GARCIA sylvain.garcia at
Wed Feb 11 22:02:31 UTC 2009

Hi all,

-first, excuse me for my english :D -

I look for some times activity around ubuntu server, and activity about
mail/groupware in ubuntu.
I'm a member of OBM core team, some people already know me. I try to maintain
OBM package in contrib.

I read some mail in this mailing list to include full mail server solution with
postfix and dovecot.

I would like proposed (without stop include of dovecot and postfix soltion of
course) to work with members of ubuntu server team to include the full OBM
For people who don't OBM, OBM is groupware (like zimbra or MS ex..) and CRM
which is build over postfix,cyrus,...
Currently, the OBM package which is include in ubuntu is just the UI, you can
use  ajax calendar, contact managment and CRM. But OBM can offer more.
You can manage your Mail domain, create user with their mail adress, mail alias,
manage some sieve script. you can build big architecture with multiple postfix
server and OBM manage automatically postfix map, you can build Cyrus-Murder
architecture for big architecture.
You can synchronize your PDA, synchronize multiple calendar with
SO I'm not here for the ad!!!

In my opinion (and just my opinion) include in Ubuntu a full groupware solution
with sync and other is a good thing.
We develope also new webmail "like gmail" with full ajax and full mail indexing:

Currently, i have already package a complete OBM on an external repository for
Debian etch (sorry don't strike me please :D). This package work's fine and it
use on own customer. However packages are crapy package because of (first my
no-experience in packaging) file configuration of many package which are
currently destroy and replace, but it works :D.
Work with ubuntu server team can improve package perhaps like improve init
script to manage multiple configuration (like dovecot integration ;) ).

This include in Ubuntu can make step by step. My first step is to use default
cn=config to openldap which is a good thing for packaging, but i think the next
step must be define with ubuntu server team.

This is a list of main software use by full OBM:
- apache
- php5 for UI and calendar
- mysql or postgres (postgres by default on next major release)
- openldap
- cyrus
- postfix
- tomcat for obm-sync server for PDA synchronization
- gwt and eclipse plug-in for new webmail (under development) : you can find some information about obm (and debian
architecture packaging) on : new opensource webmail.

thank you for your attention ;)
Sylvain garcia
sylvain.garcia at
sylvain.garcia at

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