How can I Disable or Remove ("LVM") at boottime so the drive is not encrypted?

Imre Gergely gimre at
Mon Aug 10 05:23:54 UTC 2009

ALLnetgroup wrote:
> When I installed the ubuntu server, I accidentally installed LVM (Linux 
> Volume Manager). I received false errors on the drive when I tried to 
> make an Image of the drive. I would like to disable or remove LVM 
> completley so I can Image the drive with Acronis True Image.
> The used space on the harddisk is 3.5GB and when I try to Image the 
> drive with the errors it's 180GB.
> How can I remove LVM at boot time without messing up all the 
> configurations on the ubuntu server?

If you installed Ubuntu _on_ LVM, it's way easier to do a reinstall, 
than trying to remove it, IMHO. Removing it would be like repartitioning 
the disk and reformatting, there's no really easy (and safe) way to do that.

But that's just me, maybe somebody else knows an easy way :)

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