Ethernet alias down at boot

Ante Karamatić ivoks at
Fri Apr 24 07:48:29 UTC 2009

U Pet, 24. 04. 2009., u 09:15 +1100, Laurent Dinclaux je napisao/la:

> auto eth0:0
> iface eth0:0 inet static
>  name
>  address 202.x.x.25
>  netmask
>  network 202.x.x.0
>         broadcast 202.x.x.255
>         gateway 202.x.x.254
> After each boot I need to do "ifup eth0:0".
> How can I have it automaticly up after reboot?

Fix the errors in your config. Remove 'name' and 'gateway'. If you want
to add a hostname to some IP, do that in /etc/hosts or in DNS.

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