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On Tue, Apr 14, 2009 at 9:24 AM, Alberto Sierra
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> what do you guys think?
> *
> "Ubuntu Server has one of the cleanest and easiest Linux distribution
> installers. However, in many cases, its designers choose to ignore security
> in favor of ease-of-use. The result? An install that is not secure by
> default."*

I don't buy the claim that sysadmins won't make an effort to increase the
security of the install.  Thats just not true as a general statement; every
sysadmin I know adjusts things post-install as no installer can ever get it
right out of the box.  The audience of most concern here is the non-sysadmin
folk who may be setting up Ubuntu servers.  They will most likely not
attempt to adjust the security.  However, if the default installer forces
too much security, this same audience may become lost when their system does
not behave in the manner they expect (I am reminded years ago the first time
I encountered an SELinux enabled system...).
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