Spam sorting using amavisd-new

Laurent Dinclaux laurent at
Fri Apr 10 06:43:44 UTC 2009

2009/4/10 Michael Zoet <Michael.Zoet at>:
> You have different options here ;-). Basically you need to use a LDA
> (Local Delivery Agent) for that. There are several available and you
> can choose which you want to use. Every MTA has a LDA, dovecot
> provides one, then there is maildrop or procmail.
> I would recommend for you to use Dovecot's LDA with a SIEVE script for
> this. In the Dovecot wiki is enough documentation on how to integrate
> the Dovecot LDA in various MTAs. It is important that you read this
> docu thoroughly because weird things can happen if you do it wrong:

Thanks a lot. For now I'll go for peruser procmail setting.

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