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Hi Benschop,

Both interfaces are configured as static ip? How about inet_interface = all
in postfix solve your problem? or maybe you postfix configuration is
eth0 incoming and eth1 outgoing?

how about


On Mon, Apr 6, 2009 at 12:46 PM, Onno Benschop <onno at> wrote:

> I have two network adapters, eth0 and eth1. For no particular reason
> that I've been able to determine, postfix appears to use a random
> interface. This means that if it chooses eth0, mail does not go out
> until I detect that this has happened. I then need to bring eth0 down,
> restart postfix, then bring eth0 back up.
> How do I force postfix to use an interface that has an actual internet
> connection, or alternatively, how do I force it to use a specific
> interface, or am I looking at this all wrong?
> My google investigations do not appear to shed any light on the subject
> and I'm at a loss on how to resolve this.
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