CUPS and 426 upgrade required error - gutsy server

Onno Benschop onno at
Wed Sep 17 10:30:54 UTC 2008

I'm seeing a "426 upgrade required" for cups on a gutsy server. I found
bug 44931, which says that it's fixed. I can see the directory and the
symlinks that are described here:,
but the cupsys user does not exist. I'm confused why this is the case.

I also note that the /etc/cups/ssl has these permissions:

    drwx------ 2 root lp 4096 2008-03-29 09:36 /etc/cups/ssl

I can change ownership permissions, update the cupsys.conf file, add a
user, none of which seems an obviously "correct" fix.

I've now compared this to another gutsy install, which shows that the
cupsys user exists there, but the second-working-gutsy is an upgrade
from edgy-feisty-gutsy, where the non-working server was a fresh
install. I'm still no closer to any idea why I'm seeing this, or how
best to fix it.

Any suggestions for a "correct" fix?

Onno Benschop

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