drupal 6.x install script

Henri Cook ubuntu-server at theplayboymansion.net
Sat Sep 13 17:46:42 UTC 2008

Are you looking for advice on the script, or the idea of including it in
server? It's a laudable utility script but it's not something that I
would think should be packaged (unless it's a package of its own and
what it does is very clearly marked) - I can't think of any other
examples of similar scripts and as a sysadmin I would not expect
something like this to restart apache (this may be a production server)
or bind9 or add zones/config etc - the scope for this is really a very
personal, dedicated system. Most production systems i've seen have their
owns methods for zone addition, mass apache virtual hosting and very
often change the root username to something like 'sysad' or 'admin' for
added security.

Does Drupal require its own username? I would generally install things
in ~henri/html/drupal.mydomain.com/public_html - and that's only unique
to my system, as far as i'm aware it's not a standard

Hope this helps,


Jim Tarvid wrote:
> Rough cut on an install script. usage install_drupal user pass domain
> dbpass dbname
> The intent is to install drupal in user space such that http://domain/
> brings up Drupal's install screen.
> This would allow users to design their website and prepare it for
> uploading to a public server.
> To do that
> 1) add the user
> 2) build the skeleton at /home/user
> 3) download and install drupal 6.4 from drupal.org <http://drupal.org>
> 4) prep the drupal install tree
> 5) fix ownership and permissions
> 6) create the mysql user and database
> 7) create the apache virtual config file and enable
> 8) create the bind9 zone and add to named.conf.local
> 9) add domain to /etc/hosts file
> 10 reload bind9 and apache2
> Some obvious improvements
> 1) error check the parameters
> 2) test existence before creating users, apache config files, bind
> files, hosts modifications
> 3) error checking and recovery
> This could lead to an ubuntu package
> I'd appreciate wisdom and advice.
> -- 
> http://ls.net
> http://drupal.ls.net
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