Can't redirect cron output

Michael Hipp Michael at
Sun Oct 26 23:26:15 UTC 2008

Daniel Pittman wrote:
> Michael Hipp <Michael at> writes:
>> This worked fine on all my systems but stopped at Gutsy. Hardy and
>> Intrepid both have the problem also: cron output can't be redirected.
>> Here's what used to work:
>>    # Fetch mail for michael
>>    */10 02-23   * * *   michael   fetchmail &> /dev/null
>> This is in the "system" cron at /etc/crontab.
>> I don't want to get an email if the fetchmail command fails; just be
>> silent.
> What you almost certainly want to solve your actual problem is:
>   */10 ... fetchmail --silent

Thanks. I didn't know of that option. Fetchmail is just one simple example of 
my chattering crons. So the redirect answer was more versatile. :-)


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