Server Team 20081125 meeting minutes

Jonathan Jesse jjesse at
Tue Nov 25 20:33:42 UTC 2008

> ==== Beers for Ubuntu Server members ====
> Rick Clark (dendrobates - Technical Lead of the Ubuntu Server Team)
> announced that he would buy any server team member a beer if they found
> him at UDS.  soren and kirkland made note of that while Koon started to
> cry. dholbach plugged his sponsoring work[1] on server related packages
> and wondered if that made him a server team member. mathiaz reminded
> that subscribing to the ubuntu-server mailing list was enough to become
> a member of the ubuntu-server team in LP. dendrobates added that he got
> to choose the beer. There was some discussion about american beers and
> got to the point where kirkland suggested to rename the team to
> #beer-server team.
> [1]:<>
> Can the free beer exchanged to something that I can drink?  If not, please
find me a gluten free beer.
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