Server Team 20081111 meeting minutes

Luke L lukehasnoname at
Wed Nov 12 07:48:37 UTC 2008

> ==== Update ServerGuide for Jaunty ====
> sommer started to gather ideas about the updates to make to the Ubuntu Server
> Guide for Jaunty. All the ideas will be tracked in a specification[3].
> ACTION: sommer to create a spec for the ServerGuide update in Jaunty
> [3]:

I believe we should focus on improving the Intrepid guide first.
--The 8.10 guide still isn't on
--I know for a fact that the virtualization guide could probably use
rewriting to reflect the new management tools and the "KVM Host"
tasksel option.

One thing I've offered to do is to go through the server guide and
verify that the instructions given are valid. I could do this over
some days in Christmas, perhaps.

Luke L.

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