hard to find info about init

jim jim at well.com
Wed Nov 12 06:07:40 UTC 2008

   the original problem was the loss of 
the static address we'd put in the 
/etc/network/interfaces file, and our 
subsequent discovery that dhclient3 
was at work. 
   as we got increasingly frustrated, 
we developed the notion that we should 
understand how the box comes up in the 
first place. given that there was an 
init process running and having never 
heard of upstart, my questions were 
posited in terms of init configuration. 
   i've very recently learned to replace 
"init" with "upstart", and i now have a 
few places to go to begin the latest 
round of learning: 


   it's looking more and more that the 
problem with dhclient3 is a bug in 
ubuntu server 8.04. 

On Tue, 2008-11-11 at 21:59 -0800, MJang wrote:
> On Tue, 2008-11-11 at 21:41 -0800, jim wrote:
> > thank you, mike, 
> >    that helps. i've looked at the /etc/event.d/ 
> > files and found that none of them contain the 
> > string dhcp or dhclient 
> > # grep -i dhcp /etc/event.d/* 
> > # grep -i dhclient /etc/event.d/* 
> Dear Jim, 
> If you're looking for how network addresses are assigned, that's a
> different subject. It's governed by the /etc/init.d/networking script,
> as started by /etc/rcS.d/, based on the /etc/event.d/rcS script. 
> It doesn't get to a DHCP client until it reads the related configuration
> file, /etc/network/interfaces, I think (based on memory) via the ifup
> command.
> Good luck,
> Mike

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