hard to find info about init

jim jim at well.com
Wed Nov 12 02:07:43 UTC 2008

   thank you, tiago. 
   what i'm looking for is information, a web 
page or a book or something, that explains how 
the init process is controlled on ubuntu server, 
something akin to classic unix documentation 
about the /etc/inittab file. 
   my hope is to read and learn how to 
control the behavior of the init process at 
boot time and also as it runs as a daemon 
   the essential question is "what files are 
used to configure the init process?" it's 
surprising how difficult it is to get an 
answer anywhere, given how fundamental init 
is to the operating system. 

On Wed, 2008-11-12 at 01:16 +0000, Tiago 'gouki' Faria wrote:
> Hi Jim,
> I would recommended installing rcconfig or sysvconfig. Both these
> applications will provide an ncurses-based interface to edit services.
> They're both available on the repositories.
> Regards,
> Tiago
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