Server Team 20080312 meeting minutes

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Thu Mar 13 16:41:26 UTC 2008


Here are the minutes of the meeting. They can also be found online with        
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=== Review ACTION points from previous meeting. ===

mathiaz sent an email about the ServerTestingTeam wiki pages.

=== Server Survey ===

nijaba reported that hosting the production version of the survey is waiting on
an audit from Limesurvey.

=== iSCSI Support ===

soren and dendrobates decided it was worth adding root fs on iscsi support to
the installer. soren sent an email to steve about this and is waiting for

ACTION: soren to talk with slangasek about iSCSI support for root fs.

=== Bacula status ===

ivoks was sick the last two weeks and hasn't been able to work on bacula. Now
that he is back, he'll finish up the remaining packaging bits for bacula. zul
will then review his diff. mathiaz also suggested to ask for a FFexception to
the motu-release team as there are a lot of changes.

ACTION: ivoks to post an updated debdiff for bacula

ACTION: zul to review the bacula debdiff and figure out if a FFexception is

=== Mysql testing ===

jdstrand has been preparing a security update for mysql. There are several
issues that are addressed, 2 required a rather substantial patch. All of this
is documented in bug #201009 [1]. He has uploaded the packages to -proposed for
wider testing. mathiaz suggested to ask for testing feedback on the forums.


ACTION: jdstrand to coordinate with faulkes- about mysql testing in the forums.

=== LSB compliant init script ===

kirkland and owh extracted a list of packages that have init scripts and no
'status' action implemented. This brought up to question of LSB compliant init
scripts. ScottK mentioned that it may not be the appropriate time in the
release cycle to undertake that kind of work. The scope of the work has been
redefined to add a status action to init scripts for daemons shipped on the
ubuntu-server iso. This work would need a FFexception.

ACTION: kirkland to update the Roadmap outlining the scope of the work - just
add status action.

ACTION: kirkland to ask ubuntu-release for a FFe for each of the packages.

=== libdb4.x transition ===

zul and mruiz did some work on dropping libdb4.3 in a couple of universe
packages. mathiaz asked what was the status on libdb4.5 and libdb4.4. ScottK
hasn't looked into that yet.

=== Server Guide documentation ===

sommer added a section on ebox and requested feedback on it. mathiaz asked
which sections most needed to be reviewed. sommer said the virtualization
section needed some attention.

ACTION: sommer to update the roadmap section with a list of sections from the
server guide that need reviews.

=== New factoids ===

nealmcb sent an email to ubuntu-server about a new factoid named servergui. He
is waiting for feedback before adding it to the list of factoids.

ACTION: nealmcb to add an entry for the servergui factoid.

=== Virtualization ===

soren mentioned jdstrand's script [2] that takes care of converting vmware
images to kvm.


=== Dovecot-Postfix Sasl integration ===

ScottK asked about the status of sasl integration. Bug 164837 [3] has a patch
for tasksel. ScottK will look into getting a FFexception for it.


=== Agree on next meeting date and time ===

Next meeting will be on Wednesday, March 19th at 21:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.

Mathias Gug
Ubuntu Developer

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