XFS In Dapper [previously posted to ubuntu-users]

Oliver Brakmann obrakmann at gmx.net
Thu Mar 6 06:38:49 UTC 2008

On Wed, 2008-03-05 16:23, Michael Hipp wrote...
> >> Importantly, you can have data-loss on XFS if you lose power suddenly, 
> >> perhaps more so than ext3. When files get corrupted on XFS, I have 
> >> noticed they go to zero size
> > 
> > I believe I read somewhere that that has been fixed some time ago.
> Oliver, could you perchance find a reference for that? Dapper really 
> isn't that old.

Yes, I found it again.  It's in the XFS FAQ, actually:

Sadly, the fix only went in for 2.6.22, so Dapper (probably) doesn't
have it.  Also, it doesn't say how it was fixed, or how the new
behaviour is.  I haven't looked for the changeset in question itself,
maybe it sheds some light on the issue.


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