XFS In Dapper [previously posted to ubuntu-users]

Adam McGreggor adam at amyl.org.uk
Wed Mar 5 20:35:07 UTC 2008

On Tue, Mar 04, 2008 at 09:21:07PM -0800, Nick Webb wrote:
> Hi All -
> I posted this question to the ubuntu-users list perviously, but this 
> seems like the proper list to post to (I just discovered this list).
> I've got a couple projects coming up that will have a file systems >= 
> 2TB and I'm thinking of using XFS for it.  Main feature of XFS I need is 
> the lack of fsck at startup (fsck for ext2/3 will take many hours with a 
> 2TB partition).  The file system will also likely have many large files, 
> so XFS seems to be a good choice for this as well.
> Can anyone share their XFS experiences on Ubuntu Dapper?  Is it as 
> stable as ext3 in your experience?  Any tips/tricks/gotchas?  Any other 
> file systems I should look at (JFS, ReiserFS, etc.)?
> I posed the same question to other Linux users I know, and there was a 
> mix of "I've had no problems" to "I stuck with ext3, it's solid and I 
> know I can trust it, despite the horrible fsck times."  I'm really 
> curious to get other opinions, especially with the shipped binaries on 
> Dapper, as we only use LTS for production machines.
> Thanks!
> Nick
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