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Hi all,

I want to add one more option to the list - www.netdirector.org

release 3.2 which went on SourceForge last week moves the project to GPL,
fixes some bugs, adds some features and, importantly for folks here, offers
a deb package for easily installing NetDirector's server manager.  Here's
the release notes for

quick note on what's different between NetDirector and ucsa, webmin, ebox

NetDirector is explicitly designed for centrally managing medium to large
(5-10 and up) server environments in a many-as-one fashion.  This means that
an Administrator using NetDirector can use a GUI to make changes to multiple
servers at the same time.  NetDirector also has other "enterprise" features
such as role-based access control, automated revision control, change
rollback, change scheduling using built in calendar...

So, you may be thinking - why would I use NetDIrector instead of puppet?
The answer is that, with NetDirector, you CAN use a GUI to administer
packages if you want, but you don't have to - with NetDirector, you can also
edit config files manually, and still benefit from change scheduling,
rollback, etc..In addition, one of the most frequently asked for features in
NetDirector is the ability to run one's own scripts through it, which would
take roughly 1 man month to do. And, since NetDirector is a client/server
Server Manager, 1xN Server Agents, where N is the number of nodes you
want to manage), and since Server Agents are written in Python, NetDirector
can be easily extended to manage non-posix systems, like Windows.

I created this blueprint about NetDirector during last year's UDS in

Thoughts from this group?



Greg Wallace
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On Sun, Jun 29, 2008 at 2:33 PM, Nicolas Valcarcel <nvalcarcel at ubuntu-pe.org>

> On Sun, 2008-06-29 at 08:52 -0600, Neal McBurnett wrote:
> > I continue to hope that we get a conversation together between folks
> > like Nicolas, the eBox folks, Dan Shearer, the Augeas folks, etc. to
> > explore visions and ways to cooperate or combine efforts.
> I'm in close contact with the augeas people, since at this state my work
> is being focused on augeas and it will be that way until i have a good
> number of lenses. Also mathiaz started a conversation on the eBox-devel
> list [0] (where i participate) and they are going to try augeas, but the
> migration is somehow hard and it lack on support on the services we
> need.
> So the state now is:
>  * eBox will give augeas a try when they are more lenses and a
> perl-binding
>  * i will write a document on how to write lenses (because the one in
> the official page isn't complete) and then start writing them with the
> augeas team.
> 0. https://lists.warp.es/pipermail/ebox-devel/2008-June/000376.html
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