Server Flavors [Was: Re: Platform vs Product [Was: Re: Moving w3m out of standard]]

Luke L lukehasnoname at
Tue Jun 24 03:03:03 UTC 2008

I did it again. Scott, sorry for the reply.

>> 3) This idea would benefit us greatest if the program (if the
>> 'program' route were chosen) doing this were somehow cross-platform.
>> This is not a requirement, but it would be handy.
> Package install and configuration is so unique that this will be unique to
> Debian and derived distros.  There is no general solution to such a problem
> and I'm pretty convinced one isn't feasible.

When I said cross-platform, I meant the program that generates the
custom ISO, though it seems you have more of the "FAI" and "configure
IN Ubuntu" idea. In other words, a Windows user could download a
program that takes the desired specs and creates an ISO to their
liking so they can install it. However, I see your point, this should
be more about automated, custom, easy to deploy UBUNTU centric

Luke L.

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