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Mon Jun 23 13:50:09 UTC 2008

On Fri, 20 Jun 2008, Michael Hipp wrote:

> I think that's a *good* thing because I consider a server to be a *platform* 
> upon which I add the things (applications) that make it do what I need.
This is going to echo some of Soren's lastest post, but think it bears

It's clear to me what is really being discussed is should Ubuntu Server
be a platform or a product akin to Ubuntu Desktop? Both are valid and
useful, but *distinct*.

To quote Soren: Ubuntu is "about making everything more useful by
default". I absolutely agree with this, and through discussion, things
like screen and other software, where appropriate and after thorough
review, should be part of Ubuntu Server's default installation. This
functionality and integration work is what gets at the heart of what
Ubuntu is-- "Linux for Human Beings".

On the other hand, there is a clear need to have an install method for
server that is minimal, or platform oriented. Right now, the mini ISO,
the alternate CD, JeOS and the current server CD all approach this from
different angles, but come close to the same end result (though, IIRC,
you end up with a different kernel in each). I suggest we have on the
server CD a boot option like 'linux minimal' (this has been
suggested/implied elsewhere in this thread). This might simply be
ubuntu-standard with the server kernel and a note that mentions running
tasksel for additional packages (but this will need to be discussed).

Using this methodology, we allow for the functionality and integration
work that defines Ubuntu, but also provide a server platform that is
useful for those with specialized needs.


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