Issue with JeOS

Daniel Pittman daniel at
Sun Jun 22 01:42:12 UTC 2008

Mike Lane <mikelane5 at> writes:

> I also had issues installing VMWare Tools in JeOS most likely
> following the same guide.  I remember posting a thread about the exact
> error message that I got and am having trouble remembering exactly
> what the problem was.
> I was surprised that JeOS needed VMWare Tools installed at all given
> that there is no GUI and that apparently the kernel is tuned for
> virtualization and for VMWare.
> What are the specific performance gains that VMware Tools provide
> under JeOS?

Yes.  The VMWare Tools include the paravirtualized network drivers and
time sync between the host and client.  They /also/ include some GUI
components, but those are not the heart of the package.


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