Issue with JeOS

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Sat Jun 21 12:38:19 UTC 2008

Hello all,

Not sure if this is the right place to post this - I thought I'd start here, but will happily re-post if another list is better...

I'm running WMware Server 1.06 (latest version, released in May, 200*) and trying to create a JeOS appliance using 8.04 ISO.

Install went fine, but when I followed the instruction in the Ubuntu Server documentation for installing VMware Tools[0] I noticed several odd things: most ot the tools it attempts to install fail (it can't find suitable pre-built tools, and it fails trying to build the proper tools for the kernel installed).

My questions are these:
 - Am I safe in assuming that the latest VMserver includes the latest VMware Tools, as required by JeOS?

 - The instructions say to accept all defaults during VMware Tool install, but doing so reults in a partial install of the tools - is this expected? If so, the documentation should mention that some attempted builds will fail.

 - Where will the correct kernel headers be downloaded from? Does the "-virtual" extension on the kernel name cause a default install to pick up the correct header files, or should I edit the sources file for aptitude?

While this could be a documentation error, I suspect some minor configuration issue causes a "default" install of JeOS 8.04 to not build VMware Tools properly. Again, if this would be better posted elsewhere, please advise.

The exact instructions for installing VMware Tools linked below are repeated in the "building your first JeOS appliance" write-up, but I can't find the link right now, sorry.




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