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Onno Benschop onno at
Fri Jun 20 23:45:11 UTC 2008

On 20/06/08 16:33, Soren Hansen wrote:
> With the advent of the server seed, I think the time is ripe for us to
> be slightly (not much, but just a tiny bit) more promiscuous in our
> choice of what gets installed by default.
In the server meeting on the 4th of June we were discussing ebox and
webmin. During that discussion an interesting comment was made which
indicated that an approach wasn't "ubuntu-like".

The notion that this encompasses speaks to me in ways that other
arguments don't. That is, if we're going to make a server platform seed,
perhaps we could come up with tools that promote best practice, make
life simpler for the administrator and allow for a higher level view of
the administration landscape.

While I'm an ssh and vi kinda admin, I'd appreciate version control for
my configuration files for example. I'd love ssh to come standard and
screen is a useful tool to have available. Disk space is absurdly cheap
and the tools we decide are required are going to be counted in megs
rather than gigs.

It seems that some discussion is already under way and that some
suggestions are already being made.

Perhaps stepping back and looking at each of our own server installs to
see what kind of things are used regularly would be useful.

For me things that come to mind are an annotated server log, that is, on
xyz day Abc installed foo to fix an incompatibility with bar.

There was also a suggestion a while back on the list about logging. A
spec was written and for a while I had a web page open with some actual
logging code, but I've since misplaced it :-(

> We should probably add an install option to the server CD to only
> install the base system, so that the die hard group of old school admins
> can keep their Ubuntu systems as small as possible, though.
Absolutely, for me it's more to do with virtual deployments, that is,
I'd like to get to the point where I can have the one CD and deploy the
server and its virtual machines without needing different versions of
different things.

As for the old-school, once you've been around long enough, everything
old becomes new again :)

Finally, if it all goes down the toilet and a server under my control is
down and I'm sitting at the console needing to make it work *now*, the
last thing I want to do is have to get another internet connection to
fire up my laptop, or to find a spot to balance it while sitting at a
19" rack with a console keyboard on my knees. What I'm saying is that
when we come up with our list, it would be nice to find that on that day
when I'm sitting there, this discussion made my life easier.

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