Moving w3m out of standard

Soren Hansen soren at
Fri Jun 20 11:58:25 UTC 2008

On Fri, Jun 20, 2008 at 12:05:37PM +0200, Ante Karamatic wrote:
> > [1]: At least ntp and munin-node do have open sockets, but they're
> > both only bound to the loopback interface, so I don't expect this to
> > be overly controversial.
> There's a huge difference between munin-node and ntp on one side, and
> w3m on the other. 

Certainly. If that wasn't the case, there wouldn't be much to discuss.

> w3m is client side tool, for local users of server (administrators).

Quite right.

> ntp and munin-node are daemons and, when installed, most of the
> administrators share those services on network.

That's also true.  I'm not sure what your point is?

> As you can see, I totally agree with you regarding w3m, but not over
> munin-node and ntp. But, I could get convinced if we start offering
> products, not packages((c) by Rick Clark) :D

I suppose that is sort of what I'm suggesting. The current Ubuntu server
install is not much more than a minimal set of packages to have a
functional system. This is very convenient for some use cases, but at
some point, I'd like for Ubuntu server to be much more than that.

There's lots of simple stuff we could do, such as install some extra
packages by default (chkrootkit, checksecurity, and ntp just to name a

Slightly more involved things to do is to install various monitoring
agents (I'm thinking of munin-node and nagios-plugins, but others might
make sense, too) along with a configuration package to hook them into a
corresponding server (for munin-node this would be as simple as adding
the server's IP to the list of allowed hosts, and for nagios-plugins it
would involve setting up an ssh-server and add a pubkey authenticated
user to call the plugins).  A properly designed directory service could
provide transport for these configuration settings.

I haven't put a whole lot of thought into this, to be honest, but it
seems like an interesting discussion to have.

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