Moving w3m out of standard

Mathias Gug mathiaz at
Tue Jun 17 22:53:34 UTC 2008

On Mon, Jun 16, 2008 at 03:31:46PM +0100, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
>  * w3m            # we need some text-based html presenter
> I'd like to formally cast doubt on this statement from the standard seed.
> This was originally added a long time ago in order to provide a text-based
> browser for use on servers, at a time when the default server installation
> was a strict subset of the desktop.  It is completely superfluous on a
> modern desktop.
> Now that this is becoming possible with the new server seed[1], I'd like to
> propose that it move to the server seed instead (or even be removed, if the
> server team doesn't feel it's appropriate).

This issue was discussed during today's server team meeting [1]. The
result is that the Server team would like to keep w3m installed by
default when using the ubuntu-server isos for installation.

Once the -server seeds are ready, we can move w3m to one of the new server
seeds when/if w3m is removed from the standard seed.


Mathias Gug
Ubuntu Developer

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