Recommended SATA card?

David Abrahams dave at
Tue Jun 17 01:08:02 UTC 2008

on Mon Jun 16 2008, "Owen Townend" <> wrote:

> Hey,


>   Note, the 80 megabyte per second limit is a realistic limit given on
> the aforementioned adaptec pages IIRC. This actually quite close to
> the Firewire 800 limit ( 800 megabits per second = 800*10^6/(8*2^20)
> ~= 95MiB/s theoretical max).

Yeah, I wasn't thinking.

>   To get around the pci bandwidth limit the options are limited to
> PCI-E and PCI-X which should both give ample headroom. 

My x16 PCI-E slots should give 4GB/s and my fastest PCI-X slot is 133Mhz
are about 1GB per second.  Okay, I guess PCI-X is fast enough for now;
the cards are a lot cheaper than PCI-E cards.

> I've seen the
> SiL3124 chipset in both of these varieties, though they're a little
> more expensive.
>   For me I've gone the PCI route as I was low on storage, not
>   performance.

It's mostly about the storage, but I don't want to limit myself either.

Thanks again, everbody!

Dave Abrahams
BoostPro Computing

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