Recommended SATA card?

James Dinkel jdinkel at
Tue Jun 17 00:14:32 UTC 2008

On Mon, Jun 16, 2008 at 7:00 PM, David Abrahams <dave at> wrote:
> Duh, for some reason I didn't catch his drift before.  Now I think he
> was suggesting that I use a card with the same controller chip as my
> onboard SATA because I know it works. (Sorry, James!)

That was just ONE possible suggestion.  I would do that or go with the
other guys' suggestions of a Silicon Image card.

>> The main drawback of pci sata is IIRC the maximum bandwidth of
>> the pci bus is roughly 80 MiB/s.
> Oof.  I suppose there's no getting around a limitation like that
> one... hmm, is there an SATA controller I can drive with firewire?  What
> people who care about performance do when their onboard SATA fills up?
> Buy an external SATA drive cage that runs over firewire (or some such
> thing?)

Go with a PCI Express card, if your motherboard will support it.


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