Moving w3m out of standard

Matt Zimmerman mdz at
Mon Jun 16 14:31:46 UTC 2008

 * w3m            # we need some text-based html presenter

I'd like to formally cast doubt on this statement from the standard seed.
This was originally added a long time ago in order to provide a text-based
browser for use on servers, at a time when the default server installation
was a strict subset of the desktop.  It is completely superfluous on a
modern desktop.

Now that this is becoming possible with the new server seed[1], I'd like to
propose that it move to the server seed instead (or even be removed, if the
server team doesn't feel it's appropriate).

Note that wget, which is much smaller, simpler and more generally useful
(e.g. in scripts) is already in standard.


 - mdz

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