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I havent study much on oVirt, but it is safe implement it in VM mode?
How about if that physical machine down? oVirt can still perform
automate load-balance or migration? Personally for me, it is single
point of failure in the infrastructure if deploy oVirt in VM.


On 6/13/08, James Dinkel <jdinkel at gmail.com> wrote:
> Sorry if this is a repost, but I'm pretty sure I oops'd and replied it
> directly to Luke:
> On Thu, Jun 12, 2008 at 7:47 AM, Luke L <lukehasnoname at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Soren and others,
>> oVirt or Enomalism as a remote VM manager would be absolutely fantastic.
>> Currently, oVirt is set up so that you put it on its own guest VM,
>> though "Brazen" (Dinkel?) says it will not always be so.
> Yeah, now I said that I didn't think oVirt would always be in a guest
> vm, but now looking over the documentation I can't find what gave me
> that impression.  On the FAQ page here: http://ovirt.org/faq.html it
> only talks about getting the vm image, and if you click on the
> installation instructions, it only tells you how to set it up in a vm.
> So maybe it does run in a guest vm, but that really shouldn't be a
> problem.  If want it on a dedicated piece of hardware (similar to
> Virtual Center) then just have that be the only vm on that machine and
> have it manage other machines.  Otherwise, some people will not want
> to have to dedicate hardware hardware just for oVirt, so they can run
> it in a vm along with the rest of their virtual servers.
> So really after thinking about this, I don't see why you couldn't just
> install the same software stack on bare metal, but maybe the oVirt
> developers think keeping it in a vm is the best way to go.  Or, then,
> maybe it really is just intended to use a vm during the development
> phase.
> James Dinkel (Brazen)
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