monitor 640x480

Florian tslbai at
Thu Jun 12 21:38:42 UTC 2008

Soren Hansen schrieb:
> On Sun, Jun 08, 2008 at 02:21:34PM +0200, Florian wrote:
>> now i downloaded the Ubuntu 8.0.4 "Alternate CD". Booting from this CD
>> starts with the same two screens as the server-CD does.  These two
>> initial screens (1. language selection/help system; 2. Install ubuntu
>> server) cannot be displayed with a 640x480-only-monitor.
> Hold the shift key while booting. This will disable the gfxboot screen.
> Just press return at the prompt to start the installation. Hope this
> helps.
When pressing the shift-key while booting from CD the server asks "Load
boot graphics?[y/n]". When pressing "n" the server starts in640x480 mode!
Thanks for the solution.

Bye, Florian

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