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Thu Jun 12 00:54:51 UTC 2008

On Sun, Jun 01, 2008 at 11:37:35AM -0700, Martin Hess wrote:
> Given that KVM is the preferred virtualization solution and that we have 
> Virtual Machine Manager to manage a single instance, is there an chance 
> we will be seeing oVirt anytime soon?
> http://ovirt.org/

oVirt has a rather large dependency stack, which makes packaging it a
rather large task. I'm aware of the project, but it's not very high on
my personal roadmap at this moment. 

> While I'm wishing for the moon I may as well as ask for Cobbler:
> http://cobbler.et.redhat.com/

I'm currently working on Cobbler. I've been caught up in travels and
such, but it should land in Intrepid within a few weeks, I'd say.

> Both of these projects are part(?) sponsored by RedHat as an "Emerging
> Technology Project", whatever that means. 

I believe Emerging Technologies was a division of Red Hat working on
various new stuff, mostly related to virtualisation. I believe it no
longer exists as a division in Red Hat, but the name is still around
because users still use it.

> There brethren are:

> Augeas - A configuration editing tool and API

Have not really looked into it.

> libvirt - The open source virtualization API

We already have this. :)

> Cobbler - OS provisioning and profile management

> FreeIPA - Identity, policy and audit management

FreeIPA has an absolutely horrendous dependency stack. I at least will
not have time to maintain it. Someone else might?

> Virtual Machine Manager - Virtualization management from the

We have this already as well :)

> Func - A secure, scriptable remote control framework & API

I've not looked at func either.

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