Offtopic : Posting "to" the list, correct policy ?

James Dinkel jdinkel at
Mon Jun 9 13:56:35 UTC 2008

On Sun, Jun 8, 2008 at 3:10 AM, Ante Karamatic <ivoks at> wrote:
> Filter lists by 'List-Id:' header. Use smart e-mail clients that are
> aware of mailing lists and have something like 'Ctrl+l' which replies
> only to the mailing list(s).

What email clients would be considered "smart" for mailing lists?  I
actually use the gmail web interface and if anyone has any tips for
using it with mailing lists, I'd love to here them.  Right now my
solution has been to Reply-to-all and then cut the list address out of
the Cc: line and paste it over whatever is in the To: line, but
sometimes I forget.


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