Offtopic : Posting "to" the list, correct policy ?

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Mon Jun 9 01:12:51 UTC 2008

On Mon, 09 Jun 2008 09:32:26 +0930 Karl Goetz <karl at> wrote:
>On Sun, 2008-06-08 at 10:10 +0200, Ante Karamatic wrote:
>> On Sun, 08 Jun 2008 08:38:54 +0100
>> Matt Darcy <ubuntu.lists at> wrote:
>> > Is there a policy on this sort of thing for posting to the list or am
>> > I being over fussy ?
>> Filter lists by 'List-Id:' header. Use smart e-mail clients that are
>> aware of mailing lists and have something like 'Ctrl+l' which replies
>> only to the mailing list(s).
>One problem is the default main client in ubuntu (evolution) doesnt have
>a 'reply to list', so the only way is to hit reply-all, remove the
>persons name, and cut+paste the cc line into the to: line.
>kind of annoying really.
>(if theres a reply-to-list and i haent noticed it i'll be thrilled to
>have it pointed out  though ....)

It's been standard in Kmail/Kontact for years.  Yet another reason not to 

As I said in an earlier post in the thread, people argue this both ways.  
The alternative view tends to be that mail list handlers shouldn't modify 
the reply to set by a sender.

Snappermail (which I use on my phone) suffers from the same limitation, so 
I feel your pain.  I do not, however think mail lists should be configured 
based on the feature set of any particular mail client.

Scott K

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