Offtopic : Posting "to" the list, correct policy ?

Leandro Pereira de Lima e Silva leandro at
Sun Jun 8 14:33:31 UTC 2008

If the Reply-To header of the mail forwarded by the list was changed to the
list's address, that wouldn't happen.

Today, to make most of the e-mail clients to put the address of the list on
the To (actually CC) field, you have to click on Reply To All.

The other lists I participate have the list e-mail address in the Reply-To
field. It would be nice if the same occurred here.


2008/6/8 Matt Darcy <ubuntu.lists at>:

>    Guy,
> I use message filters/rules to seperate the  multiple lists I subscribe
> to, the last few weeks my filters have stopped working on the server
> list (mostly), the reason for this is that
> ubuntu-server at is never / rarley actually in the "to"
> section of the message, normally people tend to reply to the original
> poster, then CC in the list ?
> This seems like a bad idea to me as 9/10 the original poster is on the
> ubuntu-server list, and will get it the message, then get it again from
> the lists.
> Is there a policy on this sort of thing for posting to the list or am I
> being over fussy ?
> Matt
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