Server Team 20080604 meeting minutes

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Thu Jun 5 18:51:13 UTC 2008


Here are the minutes of the meeting. They can also be found online with        
the irc logs here:        

==== State of specifications ====

mathiaz reminded that the deadline for specifications is tomorrow
(Thursday, June 5th) and that the approver should be set to dendrobates
in LP. ScottK and neallmcb wondered if there was a list of blueprints
targeted for intrepid somewhere. dendrobates said that such a list would
be available next week under the ubuntu-server launchpad blueprints [1].
Once the list is finalized mathiaz will add them to the Ubuntu Server
Team Roadmap [2].


==== Openldap 2.4.9 for 8.04.1 ====

zul raised the issue of uploading openldap 2.4.9 to hardy as an SRU.
2.4.9 fixes  a number of bugs [3] after 2.4.7 was released (113 Fixed
upstream bugs between 2.4.7 to 2.4.9). Moreover syncrepl is not usable
in 2.4.7 and upstream advised us to not use 2.4.7 during UDS. slangasek
stated that he would like to be able to weigh how many of these changes
are critical, user-affecting bugs vs. fixes we could live without that
may carry regressions. zul volunteered to classify the bugs to have a
better view of what types of fixes have been included in 2.4.9 (syncrepl
fixes, crashers, etc...). mathiaz and jdstrand also suggested to run the
built-in test suite to catch regressions.

ACTION: zul to break down the list of bugs fixed in 2.4.9 by categories
(syncrepl, crashers, etc...) and upload his package to his ppa[4].


==== Ubuntu Server Blog ====

mathiaz announced that he created an  Ubuntu Server Blog [5] as per the
discussion during the Ubuntu Server community session at UDS. ScottK
asked whether others developers would be able to contribute.  mathiaz
said he hoped so in the mid-term. But first he'd like to figure out an
editorial policy.


There were some suggestions about the type of content that should end up
on the blog:

  * minutes of the Server Team meeting.
  * updates on development work posted by developers.
  * demystify discussions that we all understand but leave our user-base with

owh suggested that people can post contribution somewhere, that would
then be reviewed before landing on the blog. mathiaz stated that such
contributions and other suggestions about the Blog editorial policy
should be emailed to him.

==== Webmin and ebox discussion on ubuntu-user ====

owh reported that there were some discussions on ubuntu-user about
webmin and ebox[6]. He asked why the Ubuntu Server team doesn't
recommend webmin. mathiaz answered that webmin gives to much power to
the target users and tends to break existing configurations. webmin is a
web front end to edit configuration files.  nealmcb added that ebox has
a higher-level notion of what the user is probably trying to do, rather
than being closely tied to config file syntax.


==== Limesurvey ====

kees verified the new version of Limesurvey: unfortunately not all
issues that he reported have been solved (or correctly solved) in the
latest version. After some discussions, it was decided to run limesurvey
on an isolated server hosted on the Ubuntu infrastructure.

==== Agree on next meeting date and time ====

mathiaz sent out a new proposal [7] for the meeting. It was decided to
move the meeting to Tuesday at 15:00 UTC.


Next meeting will be on Tuesday, June 10th at 15:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.

Mathias Gug
Ubuntu Developer

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