Bug 2 review pls [was Re: Bug 0 review pls]

Dan Shearer dan at shearer.org
Wed Jun 4 15:15:43 UTC 2008

On Mon, Jun 02, 2008 at 05:26:05PM -0500, Dustin Kirkland wrote:
> On Fri, May 30, 2008 at 7:11 PM, Dan Shearer <dan at shearer.org> wrote:
>  this initiative "Bug #0", thinking that it precedes or supercedes Bug
> #1. 

You say that for Ubuntu (as opposed to Linux) there never was a time
when it lost server-side competitiveness with Microsoft. Others pointed
it is also in part about Unix becoming less competitive to Microsoft servers.

You're right.

So, I've renamed the Bug #0 wiki page to Bug #2 (which is also free in
launchpad :-)

I gather from the comments so far that these topics are considered
useful, that I should be writing some blueprints, and that if even
partial solutions can be shipped in Intrepid that will be a good thing.

Dan Shearer
dan at shearer.org

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