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Aaron Kincer kincera at gmail.com
Mon Jun 2 23:58:24 UTC 2008

Focus on the core technology that makes Microsoft infrastructure take deep
roots. They are (IMO):

1) Exchange
2) Active Directory
3) Sharepoint

Attacking these is not strictly a server issue. For many people, they
couldn't care less about their operating system as long as they've got their
MS Office/Outlook running. The Wine team is part of the solution, but for
those devs who work for Codeweavers, they seem to reserve their enterprise
efforts for getting Office only for the (partially) closed Crossover

For Exchange, the non-free version of Zimbra works great for Outlook

For Sharepoint, the non-free layer on Plone by Enfold Systems is a great
alternative except that one of the more attractive features Enfold offers
(versioning) is only available on their Windows product. For those that are
learned, I know versioning exists for Plone in general. I'm talking about
specifically the Enfold products.

By the way, anybody noticing a trend yet for the enterprise-class versions
of software that can fill a niche occupied by Microsoft?

The problem is that creating fully open source software to fill enterprise
niches is non-trivial and the best model of it so far I've seen is Samba.
The Samba team deserves some serious credit for the work they've done.

If only there were more billionaires putting their money towards open source
software to pay lots of programmers to attack the problems, all of these
pieces of the puzzle could be more quickly solved.

On the off chance that anybody is good friends with Warren Buffett, see if
you can convince him to make significant investment into Yahoo  with strings
attached so that they will open source all of Zimbra. That would really
turbo charge this idea. Hey, it could happen.

Aaron Kincer

On Fri, May 30, 2008 at 8:11 PM, Dan Shearer <dan at shearer.org> wrote:

> I have put some text for Bug 0 up at
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/Bug0#preview . I didn't get into the
> solutions we worked on at UDS, thinking this is what bug report followup
> comments are for and the body was already too long.
> Edit away people, but please don't try to turn it into a classic bug
> report. This bug has a different purpose :-)
> Regards,
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> Dan Shearer
> dan at shearer.org
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