Server Team 20080729 meeting minutes

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Thu Jul 31 18:58:07 UTC 2008

On Thursday 31 July 2008 14:48, Mathias Gug wrote:
> Hi,
> Here are the minutes of the meeting. They can also be found online with
> the irc logs here:
> ==== Clamav and spamassassin in main ====
> ScottK mentioned that there are a couple of MIR left to be written in order
> to get clamav and spamassassin into main in time for Intrepid. Help is more
> than welcomed to make this happen. The list can be found in the wiki
> page[1].
> [1]:

For a definition of 'a couple' that includes most of them, that's correct.

Scott K

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