Server Team 20080722 meeting minutes

Mathias Gug mathiaz at
Wed Jul 23 18:11:05 UTC 2008


Here are the minutes of the meeting. They can also be found online with        
the irc logs here:        

==== Add 'status' action to server init scripts ====

kirkland generated a list of init scripts[1] that could have a status action
added to them. The wiki page also outlines how to add a status action and file
a bug in LP to ask for inclusion in the relevant package.

Anyone interested in helping out should head to the wiki page[2].


==== Clamav and spamassassin in main ====

ScottK reminded that there are a couple of MIRs that still need to be written
before clamav and spamassassin can be included into main. The wiki page[3]
tracks all the remaining packages that should have a MIR written for. ScottK
can be contacted to get an initial review of the MIR. ivoks and sommer
volunteered to write some of the MIRs.


==== Rapache presentation and discussion ====

tacone gave an overview of the rapache project[4] emgent and him started after
UDS. Rapache is an Apache configurator gui. The goal is to lower the entry
barrier for former windows system administrators used to configure IIS with a


==== Review ServerGuide for Intrepid ====

sommer reported that he almost finished a new section about Kerberos. He also
asked for a review of the Samba section.

==== Ubuntu VM builder ====

soren is still working on the rewrite in python of ubuntu-vm-builder[5]. He is
currently adding Xen support. mathiaz asked if there was some documentation
available. soren said there wasn't any - any help in this area is welcomed.

ACTION: soren to write a short README file to help people get started with the
new ubuntu-vm-builder.


==== Migrate openldap configuration to cn=config ====

mathiaz spent most of his time last week on implementing cn=config support to
the openldap package. Both new installs and upgrades are supported. He sent a
patch to the Debian maintainers and is waiting for their feedback.

He also plans to look into FreeIPA[6] once the cn=config migration is


==== Boot Support for Degraded RAID ====

kirkland has some working code in his ppa[7]. More testing of the mdadm
package is welcome.

ACTION: kirkland to update the wiki page BootDegradedRaid with some testing


==== RAILS integration ====

macd reported that mod_rails has been packaged and uploaded to REVU. mathiaz
reviewed it and sent his feedback to Neil (the packager). Overall it looks

macd also mentioned the discussions he's having with the Debian maintainers
for ruby/rubygems that is taking place in bug 145267[8]. There was some
discussion about the issue which boils down to a PATH issue. The debian gems
and the source installed gems don't end up in the same place. Rails apps looks
in a specific place and rails isn't capable of looking in more than one place.
soren, macd and persia discussed the path issue and deferred it to #ubuntu-
server after the meeting.


==== Migrate new installs and upgrades of client and server packages to use
SSL v3 or TLS ====

ivoks prepared patches for a couple of packages to disable sslv2 in their
configuration. He also sent an email on ubuntu-devel about disabling sslv2
directly in the openssl package. Discussion is ongoing, with a proposal to
create an openssl-sslv2 package in universe that would be built with sslv2

ACTION: ivoks to prepare a patch for the openssl package to disable sslv2.

==== Agree on next meeting date and time ====

Next meeting will be on Tuesday, July 29th at 15:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.

Mathias Gug
Ubuntu Developer

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