Ubuntu & VMware Help needed

Mustafa Abbas Chittalwala mustafa.chittalwala at gmail.com
Sun Jul 20 01:17:00 UTC 2008

Hi guyz,


I have installed Ubuntu server 8.04 and I have 2 Lan card as below

Gateway - ip address)

eth1(Wan) from where i am getting internet

Now i have installed VMware server and now I want to Install Ubuntu Server
in VMware for that I want my 


eth0(LAN) to bridge
eth1(WAN) to NAT

I have some questions in my mind like


1)    During installation of VMware Server it asked me on which card you
want to do Networking so I have selected Eth0 and my configuration is vmnet0
is bridge to eth0, is it rite?


2)    Do you want me to configure Eth1 in VMware ?


3)    Should I configure Eth1 after installation of Ubuntu server in VMware


4)    If I am doing installation in VMware server so on which card do I
select eht0 or eht1


Basically I am making VMware server as my main server by configure ldap,
dns, dhcp proxy on eth0 and then it will go to switch and then all the
client computer will join the domain, need your help


Mustafa Chittalwala


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