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I realized that I sent my reply to Sander only so I have copied it below:
Hi Sander,  I will likely work through the KVM section again soon as I have been trying different Virtualization platforms to try and see which one I like best.  I like the idea of running KVM on Ubuntu server a lot and remember getting some error messages trying to create virtual machines following your KVM section. I don't remember what they were as this was a few months ago when I first started using Ubuntu (so it could well have been user error). Since then I have also been looking at VirtualBox as I had read that it too had the ability to run in headless mode.  I am not sure if you should discuss KVM more in the book as compared to Xen for example? I say this as KVM is what Ubuntu officially supports now I think, right? What would I like to see more of? Well here is a wish list off the top of my head: * discussion of growable vs fully expanded virtual hard drives for performance. If the virtual hard drive is fully expanded is it created as a contiguous file even if it is several Gb in size? If virtual hard drives are growable does this mean that they will become fragmented?* how to monitor virtual machine performance remotely if possible and also discussion of remote desktop or similar to both headless and GUI virtual machines. Remote management tools - what are they and how to install and use them.* Ubuntu JeOS - the benefits of using this operating system for virtual machines. Are VMWare Tools necessary to run JeOS in KVM? If so how to install VMWare Tools. Discussion of the benefits of VMWare tools on Ubuntu JeOS. * What are the specific optimizations that JeOS offers other than a small hard drive footprint and low memory use (without VMWare Tools) on KVM?* Any methods to reduce disk I/O operations on virtual machines to improve performance further?* What features are proposed for future releases of KVM?* More detailed explanation of the qemu commands i.e. parameter by parameter so that the reader knows what the switches are for etc* Virtual machine management in general - scripts to start up a particular virtual machine on boot for example, or shut down all virtual machines one by one. Scripts to back up virtual machines to remote stoarge and then boot them once this is done. * How to "import" VMWare virtual machines to KVM - if this can be done? There are plenty of VMWare appliances that I would like to run - can this easily be done on KVM and what steps would need to be taken for example? Is there any performance penalty in importing a VMWare virtual machines as opposed to creating it in KVM?* Is there a GUI tool to create KVM virtual machines on the desktop before moving them to the server (which is how I might prefer to work). * Can I do snapshots in KVM? So discussion of the full feature set vs the competition (VMWare) for example.* does a kernel update affect my KVM installation?* can I do some kind of VDI with KVM? Basically I would like a full and detailed account of the limitations and features of KVM and how to administer the server through the command line and remotely with GUI tools if that applies also.  With virtualbox I had a hard time getting the bridged networking to work and I did not get that far with KVM so I can't comment there.  I realize that this is much more than would ever be in a beginner book. Even so I would have liked to see more page space devoted to Virtualization so that more ground could be covered.  I guess that this is why I said that I would happily buy a good book just on Virtualization.  I think I ended up feeling that the explanations of technologies was fine (pages 329 to 331) but that the walkthrough of creating virtual machines for KVM (332 to 335) did not explain the syntax or the process fully enough for me. Does the Qemu window that you see when installing XP run when XP is running on the server for example, or is it just to monitor the install? I guess if I had got that far maybe it would become clearer :-) So I am not sure how much this helps you as it is far more information that would be included in a single chapter on Virtualization ... but I think tying in JeOS would be great as would importing VMWare virtual machines as well as ways to remotely administer virtual machines. I will try and get back to you on my experience the second time round now that my "server" machine is free to have ubuntu loaded on to it again. This may not be very quickly though as I am taking a summer class on linux / UNIX which looks like it will take up a fair amount of my spare time.  Mike> Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2008 16:17:58 +0200> From: soren at ubuntu.com> To: ubuntu-server at lists.ubuntu.com> Subject: Re: Ubuntu Server Book Needed?> > On Fri, Jul 11, 2008 at 09:13:05PM +0000, Mike Lane wrote:> > I actually have the first book that you linked too and have found it> > pretty useful so far. I was actually very disappointed with the> > section on virtualization though which very briefly covers KVM, Xen> > and I forget the third one off the top of my head. > > IIRC correctly, the book was based on Feisty, and virtualisation in> Feisty was rather basic. I imagine a newer edition would include stuff> on libvirt and all the surrounding tools.> > -- > Soren Hansen | > Virtualisation specialist | Ubuntu Server Team> Canonical Ltd. | http://www.ubuntu.com/
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