Looking for users of redhat-cluster-suite on Ubuntu

Alexander Kraev alexander.kraev at gmail.com
Sun Jul 13 11:54:25 UTC 2008

Hi Etienne,

One year ago I built HA cluster based on heartbeat and ocfs2. The 
cluster contains two Dell servers and one storage running in a cluster 
mode and directly connected to the servers via SCSI cables(DAS). The 
system is powered by SLES 10.2 and it's still in production. The HA 
cluster contains several resource groups like Apache + VIP, MySQL + VIP, 
Oracle XE + VIP and our Java based application. The application like 
Apache, MySQL and Oracle XE use the same storage but they have different 
per nodes log directory, pid files and some other files like 
listener.ora. I use OCFS2CDSL to make one file or directory unique per 
node. I used the Heartbeat GUI application to configure the cluster and 
now I use it as a cluster management tool. Let me know if you need more 

Sorry for my English.


Etienne Goyer wrote:
> Hello all,
> I guess this list is the best place to ask for such a question.  Hope it
> is on-topic enough.
> We (some colleagues and myself) are currently working on white paper
> about HA clustering using redhat-cluster-suite on Ubuntu.  We would like
> to hear about different real-world deployments to be able to synthesise
> a set of best practices.  The cookie-cutter Apache/NFS/Samba scenarios
> are well covered, but if you do anything more intricate, we would like
> to hear about your experiences and especially any snags you may have
> come upon during design and deployment.
> If you prefer not to discuss that on the list, it is ok to contact me
> out of band.
> Cheers!

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