Getting Ruby on Rails into Ubuntu Server - properly

Neil Wilson neil at
Sun Jul 13 09:01:53 UTC 2008

I hear (
that Ubuntu Server is looking to improve its Rails experience. As it
happens I've been coming at the same problem from the opposite

At Brightbox ( we do Ruby on Rails with Ubuntu on
virtualised servers for a living and we have a few projects on going.

- Improve the packaging of Ubuntu Ruby, Rails and supporting
infrastructure to make it easier for our customers to select the
framework technology they want to use.
- Packaging of tools to help development and deployment of Rails applications.
- Reworking our virtualisation stack from the current Xen based system
to one based upon the 'official' Ubuntu KVM system.

As we're free software nuts at Brightbox, we'd like to feed our Rails
experience back into Ubuntu Server and hopefully get a bit of a guide
from the team as to where we should be going with our virtualisation

If that is something of interest, let me know. (I've already put my
thoughts on the Rails specification and I have tried to contact the
Blueprint/specification owner without success so far. Obviously I'm
not 100% au-fait with Ubuntu-server processes).

Neil Wilson

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