Virtualisation on non vmx/svm CPU

Michael Hipp Michael at
Thu Jul 3 15:14:51 UTC 2008

Onno Benschop wrote:
> After banging my head against a brick wall for some weeks 

> I'm sure this is documented somewhere, but I've been unable to locate
> something that solves this in the Ubuntu way, rather than start with
> instructions like:
>    1. Download the source tar ball from
>    2. Install the dev packages
>    3. ./configure && make && sudo make install
>    4. Profit!
> If I wanted to do that, then I might as well run Gentoo - not a
> preferred approach.
> In case you're wondering, I'm also not interested in solutions that
> start with:
>    1. Change your sources.list to include
>    2. apt-get update, apt-get install magic
>    3. Profit!

If you find an answer to this, I'd sure like to hear of it also.

I did find this:

But scanning that list of instructions somehow leaves me feeling nauseous.

Surely the state of virtualization on Ubuntu isn't as pre-alpha as it appears.


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