Server Survey

Dustin Kirkland dustin.kirkland at
Fri Feb 22 19:33:23 UTC 2008

Having taken the survey, a few comments...

Overall Comments
- All lists of answers should be alphabetized.  This applies to almost
every page.
- Several questions are missing punctuation.  Most questions do end in
a "?".  But many requests, "Please..." should end in a "." or a ":"
I like the roll-over highlighting.  However, the black-on-brown rows
are very hard to read when highlighted.  Update the stylesheet.
Dark-on-lights, light-on-darks.

Individual Page Comments

- The text on the second page (just after the human-presence test) is
a little jammed together.  I suggest a <br> between the two

- "Are your Linux servers used at home or at work?"
The ordering of the checkboxes is a little odd (Work, Both, Home).
I suggest (Work, Home, Both).
I suggest a radio button, instead of checkboxes, since the answer
should only be one of the 3.

- "What position do you hold in your organisation?"
Answers should probably be a radio button instead of a checkbox

- "If you use your Ubuntu servers as a host for virtualization, which
product(s)/ technologie(s) do you use?"
Too much whitespace around this question (above and below).

- "If your network contain both Ubuntu servers and other servers, how
would you rate their coexistence in terms of (5 is better)"
The flow is weird at this point...  I just gave my contact information
about being a customer reference, and now I'm being asked more
questions?  Seems like it should be the end of the survey.

- "Thank you" page
Thank you page is missing the header with the Ubuntu logo.

my two cents,

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