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Matthew East mdke at
Wed Feb 20 14:22:28 UTC 2008


On Feb 20, 2008 2:08 PM, Adam Sommer <asommer70 at> wrote:

> > One of the issues we raised as UDS is to make sure the serverguide is
> distrubted as part of the server install as well.  I may have missed that
> part if it was included in the email above (just haven't finished my morning
> coffee).  Anyways how are we providing for viewing the html doc in the
> server install w/ no gui?

> I briefly looked at some ways to accomplish this a couple of months ago, but
> didn't really get that far.  Since you can view the docs with a text mode
> browser, and w3m is installed by default I documented viewing the content
> that way [1].

That's clearly the way in which it should be read. The main issue for
us is to ensure that the user can find the guide in the first place.
Documenting how to view the guide in the guide itself isn't necessary
that useful, because the user has to find the guide first (which can
only be on

What we really need is a way to draw the guide to the user's attention
when logging into Ubuntu Server Edition. Perhaps a message can be
added to the default MOTD?

> Anyway, if there is a better way to convert the docs into a "linked"
> document, man, info, etc we can always change that.  Personally I think the
> content looks pretty good in w3m, heh.

I've looked into this - it seems really difficult to convert docbook
xml into man with the existing tools - none of them worked for me. I
think we should focus on making the html version discoverable to the
average server edition user.

Matthew East
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