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Adam Sommer asommer70 at
Wed Feb 20 04:24:49 UTC 2008

Hey all,

We've recently moved the development of the Server Guide from one directory
to another.  On the face of it this seems like a very small change, and well
it pretty much is.  One of the options this opens up however, is to only
build the HTML version of the guide available in the ubuntu-serverguide
package.  This would eliminate having to copy the content and having it
available in Help > Advanced Topics > Installing Server Applications.  It
will also simplify development of the guide hopefully eliminating some of
the confusion about which directory should new contributors submit changes

Our question is, and maybe this would be a good thing to add to Nick and
Michael's poll, how many Server Edition users, Sys Admins, etc actually use
the Server Guide that is bundled in the various Help systems?  To clarify
currently the same content is available in the ubuntu-docs and
ubuntu-serverguide package, and we're proposing to only have the content
available in the ubuntu-serverguide package.  The Server Guide will still be
available on the web site of course.

For myself I only use the server Help content as a way to look back at what
is currently there when updating the guide :-).  Everything else I refer to
the web site, usually copy and pasting into an ssh session.  We didn't want
to make the change without getting wider feedback from the community, so all
feedback is greatly appreciated.

Party On,
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