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Tue Feb 19 22:04:29 UTC 2008

On 20/02/08 06:31, Dave Kempe wrote:
> Michael Behrens wrote:
>> I think we are trying to be as general as possible, I'm not overly
>> familiar with sun's product line to know which would be specific
>> to the poll.
> You don't need to talk about products. Just the architecture would be 
> interesting. The Sun servers in question are sparc. so the question may 
> be - i386, amd64, or sparc?
> dave
I suppose that it depends on what kind of data you're trying to capture.

That is, the original question was in a round-about kind of way asking
about brands and presumably coverage within those brands to see if
something falls out of the bottom, that is perhaps we'll see something
like: "We know that 50% of our servers are run on HP hardware."

The path Dave is taking is one of CPU/architecture.

They're two different kinds of questions.

I should also point out that more questions isn't always better. It
might be useful to look at other such surveys so we can compare results
between our survey and those conducted by others.

Finally, having conducted several ICT surveys myself in the past, it
would in my opinion be beneficial for the survey outcome, to contact a
statistician before you send out the survey to see if you missed any
design issues.

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