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Mon Feb 18 22:22:43 UTC 2008

On Feb 18, 2008 4:57 PM, Mathias Gug <mathiaz at> wrote:

> Hi Michael,
> Thanks for this proposal. It looks promising.
> Is it possible to have a text box instead of just a check box ?

A text box such that a user can enter additional info? Yes, please see

> Could you be more precise ? Something like Ubuntu Documentation -

Yes, certainly.

Nick Barcet contacted me today regarding the poll as he was working on
something similar.
We have agreed to join forces as it makes little sense for us to be
competing to get the same data, which all
of us will derive value from.

The poll is currently neutral , in that it does reference vendors to a
certain degree, however it does not give
any preference to any one particular vendor.  As example we ask questions
about what types of hardware
people are running Server Edition on (Dell, HP/Compaq, etc).

Nick kindly setup a wiki page for he & I (and others) to comment on and look
at it as it progresses.  Nick has also
suggested a much more flexible polling software which will allow us to yield
a greater diversity of questions we
would like to ask.

The wiki page is located at

Nick and I will continue to collaborate on this and report back to the
Server Team at the next meeting
with additional details.


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