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Michael Behrens michael.behrens at
Thu Feb 14 20:37:34 UTC 2008

Hi All,

I'm giving thought to what would be useful to report back to the Server Team
from the forums and I'd appreciate
the groups input.

Right now, my thoughts are looking that such a report should be provided to
the team on a bi-weekly basis.

The report should be general and allow us to address issues of direction,
additional support requirements, areas
for improvement, areas of new interest


# of forum posts subjects about XYZ subject, perhaps graphed out.
Custom setups and configurations which have arisen and may be of interest

That's just my thoughts, I'd love to hear yours, what do you think would be
valuable feedback information?

As well, I believe we now have the ability to add polls to the forum (I will
check with the forum council
to make sure it's ok).  So this may provide us with some specific numbers
and information about the
community at large, any input into questions we should be asking would be
much appreciated as well.


/ faulkes-
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